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Slate hair salon launched in 2012 with the purpose of providing feel good hair to our clients. We’ve worked and trained together as a team for years, in Austin and around the country. Slate is thrilled to provide a unique Austin experience delivering professional contemporary style and down-home comfort – just check out our coffee/tea bar and the amazing artwork on display!

Sammy is such a pleasant hair stylist to talk to and really makes you comfortable through out the entire session. She doesn’t make you feel guilty or bad about saying “No, I don’t like that..” or “It’s too long/short…” etc.
Jen Y, Austin, TX
Best haircut I had since I started to grow my pixie. My hair is very thick, which makes it hard to cut short. Helen just finally got it right. Thanks!
Matilda S., Medford, NJ
I’ve been going to Alexis for many years. She is amazing. She is always open to creating new hairstyles, and they always look amazing. She is very talented, super friendly and it’s always a great experience.
Nell E.